Friday, August 7, 2009

Teen Romance Mod by Lostaccount

Positives: Allows teen Sims to woohoo, try for baby, and get married.

A lot of people loved this for Sims 2 and asked for it in the basegame of Sims 3 (which was futile, of course).

I think people love it because this sort of thing is possible in the real world and they want their Sims to be realistic.

Negatives: Need special teen maternity clothes or else your pregnant teen Sim will just be a floating head.

Bedfix mod has a new version that prevents crashes and such -- I paid less attention to those details, but it's required you get the new version for this to work. Please read over the notes of this mod for further bugs.

Teen pregnancy is a touchy subject and not at all endorsed by this site, the maker of the mod, or the Sims. If you are under 18, don't download it if you have parents who might get upset with you, or just talk to them first and make sure they know you aren't interested in getting pregnant -- you just want Sim babies everywhere.
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