Friday, June 13, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Why just Sims 3? Why not Sims 1 and 2?
For the most part, Sims 1 and 2 readers can benefit from the resources I link to, but the custom content for those games has grown too large for me to sift through anymore. Also, there are resources available such as Sims2Wiki and the Sims 2 Community Finds that link to sites providing what you're looking for. Sims 3, however, is a blank slate where I can start fresh. (And I'm planning to backup my Sims 2 downloads and uninstall that game when Sims 3 comes out, for hard drive space.)

How much space do your Sims 2 downloads take up?
2.21GB And I don't use them all. It's ridiculous.

Are you buying Sims 3 if it has Securom?
Yes, but I'm backing up my hard drive before I install in case my efforts to remove Securom end up in disaster. If that doesn't work, I'll still have the bought-in-store version but will try to acquire a copy without Securom (it's perfectly legal to acquire a backup version of something you own and have in your possession -- but it is not legal to have a backup and then give the original to a friend).

How can I get you to promote my custom content?
Comment to this post with your website url and I'll see if it's worth downloading. Unfortunately, sites that aren't constantly creating quality work get pushed to the side pretty early on.

How do you choose what items and sites to post about?
Anything that seems to have lasting power, and anything that fills a need in the community. As a note,
I get annoyed by downloads that require special, complicated instructions to use them.

My passion is hair, which means I'm very strict about the hair I recommend here: meshes that don't look stiff and manufactured, that serve a purpose and don't do what other meshes have already done.

Why do you link to sites that offer pay content for free?

One of my goals in this blog is to help reduce the massive amount of custom content people download, most of it low-quality. Pay sites are a huge problem for this because of subscriptions. I, for example, downloaded every single PeggySims hair when I had a subscription there, even though I didn't even like half of them, because I couldn't get them again when my subscription ran out.

I want everyone to feel like they won't be missing out on things they didn't download when they had a subscription by providing links to sites such as Paysites Must Be Destroyed to use as a safety net. With all paysite content available, Simmers can pick and choose by quality, not based on rarity or time limits.

I think it's important, also, to donate a little something to sites if you get their content for free (whether it's a pay or a free site). I understand many people don't have extra funds, but even a token fifty cents is better than nothing. It's just a fact of life that people don't feel obligated to donate to pay site moguls like TSR or PeggySims because they're making money hand over fist, but that doesn't mean everyone is getting rich off this pay site situation. Fans who are able should spread the love a little.

Don't you find an ethical dilemma in promoting the pilfering of the pay goods of others?
I know people will be angry. I'm sorry for that, but thus far EA Games has made no official stance toward who's in the wrong (I think they're just covering their butts in case they need to do something to save themselves money one day, and they don't care if people are being ripped off one way or another). I consider myself a news source, and that means offering all available options to Simmers. When those options cease to be, I'll cease to offer them.

Why don't you allow comments or provide contact information?
This is the only post I allow comments on so that people can ask questions and notify me of broken links or incorrect facts. Once these comments are addressed they will be deleted.

As this project rests heavily on my subjective opinions about custom content, I see no need for lengthy discussion in the form of comments.

PMBD doesn't have the item.
Yet. If it is a pay item, they will have it, just check back there in a few days. It can take from 1 day to 2 weeks for something new to show.

Where can I find ____ item?
I don't have a WCIF service, but I can recommend several helpful WCIF forums.

The Sims 3 Wiki is also a good place if you're looking for creators listed by types of content or tutorials for how you can learn to make your own custom content. So far, it's a little sparse but it will grow.

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