Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awesomemod by JM Pescado

Positives: Giant mod that changes quite a bit about how your game functions.

Pick and choose features with this tool. Features can be enabled or disabled.
  • Buy Sim-written books from bookstore.
  • Allows owner of business to show as Sim's boss.
  • Job difficulty scaling.
  • Make a lot "ancestral" by including the family name in the title.
  • Removes random non-player Sim events from happening without a reason (becoming fat, fired, or dying).
  • Non-player Sims remove work uniforms on coming home from work.
  • Plant on any lot.
  • Timed autosave.
  • Better genetic skin blending.
  • Only one person can have certain jobs at a time, like company president or emperor of evil.
  • Increased facial sliders.
Read the manual for more options.

For the most part, these aren't active things that change your gameplay but things that happen behind the scenes.

Negatives: Supreme Commander mode can't be turned off. Ever. It's also experimental.

Back up your game files. No, seriously, do it.

Go to My Documents, Electronic Arts, and copy the The Sims 3 folder, then paste it elsewhere on your computer. This is your backup in case your game implodes.

CORE MOD. Cannot be used with most other core mods.
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