Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sims 3 Official Updates

Any reliable news site can give you the current information on Sims 3. That isn't what this is.

Fans grouse that the Official Sims 3 Site doesn't update enough.

If you've been reading thus far and continue to read in the future, you know or will find that I don't hesitate to castigate the company, fans, or even game when I feel like it.

This complaining is just silly. I realize that we all want updates (myself as much as anyone else), but not updating the website means they have more important things to do, which is a good thing -- they're sprucing up the game itself, fixing bugs, maybe even working on (and here I'm crossing my fingers, because they haven't promised us one) a nice Body Shop for us.

You can take all the screenshots you want when the game is out. For now, settle down and try not to grumble about the crumbs they do give us. Time moves faster when you stay positive.