Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's Talk Hair

Short, medium, long, obscenely long.

Straight, curly, wavy, crimped, tussled, feathered, teased.

The best Sim hair imitates a realistic cut, doesn't obscure too much of the Sim's face, doesn't sit too high or too low, doesn't have any unsightly gaps, maintains balance, and adds just a touch of art to the design. These criteria are what differentiate great Sims hair from hatchet jobs.

This will be a brief gallery of hairstyles. You might call it my suggestion box for hair creators. I concentrate on style rather than color because I hope Sims 3 custom hair will give us a new era in being able to use the recolor abilities of the game (roots, tips, etc) to reduce the number of texture downloads. But we'll have to wait and see what creators can manage.




There are more hair sites, images, and opinions than just mine. Go find your inspiration.