Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PeggyZone Gift July 09 by cazyx

Positives: Teen-Elder, female only.

When this first poked its head out in a screenshot, people clamored for it. Curls are still king, I guess.

Negatives: Look back later for updates because cazyx continually tweaks available hairs.

I don't like how high it sits on the forehead. This is a big problem with some of Peggy's Sims 2 hairs, and I'm disgusted that she (Peggy) so often ignored problems like this in order to get her weekly quota out. It is not the converter's issue but a flaw in the original hair.

All that to say -- if cazyx tweaks it any more, I'd love it if the hair could be lowered a bit.
  • Creator: cazyx
  • Price: Free
  • Official Download: cazyx
  • Unofficial Download: None
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