Monday, August 31, 2009

-shady- Brows Conversion by daluved1

Positives: Beautiful female brow conversion, done with permission by the original creator (Shady).

If you'll look at Shady's Sims 2 work, she has some exquisite things, including a ton of eye sets. Beyond eyes, she doesn't have much else (at least not in the same quantities), but the little she does have is detailed and lovingly crafted, not just slapped together and released. I've never mentioned it to Shady herself, but I've always been a bit of a fan.

I'm also starting to be a bit of a fan of daluved1's taste. You'll see a few more of her creations popping up here today (I swear I didn't realize some of them were from her until I looked). She's found a knack for creating items people need and haven't done yet, and she does a graceful job of it.

Negatives: None. Unless you want to count not converting more of Shady's items. :) I'm taking her permission for brow conversions as a good sign and suggest creators who like her other items ask about converting them.
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