Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mesh 01 by Helga86

Positives: Very cute ponytail.

Negatives: The page is in another language, so I can't tell you all the details about this hair, just what I've read elsewhere.

Mesh has bugs. Bottom separates from top when Sim turns head, small gaps and black bits. This hair is so cute I might ignore all that and use it anyway.

Over where I found it, someone said McAffee warned that the page and download were not safe -- I checked the page and file both with AVG and then opened the file to look. It's a simple .package, which should be perfectly safe. I've never heard of a .package being a virus and don't know if it's possible.

The sorts of files you should never ever trust or install are .exe (unless they're from a well-known reputable source, like Delphy's Installer). A .exe file is an "executable" program, which sets up shop as soon as you double-click to install it.
  • Creator: Helga86
  • Price: Free
  • Official Download: miXei
  • Unofficial Download: None
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