Monday, August 31, 2009

Anime Contacts Model by lazywnch

Positives: Young Adult female Sim.

Anime model for lazywnch's contacts. Very cute.

She has some other interesting Sims in her collection, from almost too pretty to humanely awkward. I love imperfect Sims. So few people make them, and even fewer can make them endearing.

Negatives: Some store content for clothing. Honestly, I would just redress her in CAS. I don't like loud patterns repeating all the way through a Sim's outfits, like they do here.

You need to download all the custom content separately to make her look right. Lazywnch gives a list, though:

You can find my Dreamtime Romance contacts on ModtheSims. A direct download link is posted in my blog on my Sims 3 page. (Other custom content includes aikea_guinea's Slave skin (face), Hysterical Paroxsym's extra shine and texture skin (body), and Newsea's Peach Hair.)

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