Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cara Body Shape by moschino_K

Positives: Bigger boobs for female Sims. Moschino_K has made a lot of different clothing items for this shape.

I'm featuring this because different body shapes always appeal to someone.

Negatives: The boobs are unnaturally shaped (most obvious in the mirror). They look too long and anti-gravity to imitate a real woman's breasts. They are also too heavy for the bottom half of the body, making the Sim look unbalanced.

Lack of notes (each item only has "New Mesh" in the notes section). I'd like to see moschino_K edit in information and images for each mesh item on the following: how it looks for fat & skinny, what specifically about the mesh is different from normal Sim shapes, if/when the mesh acts unrealistically, general bugs, and whether or not it replaces defaults.
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